Minister is asleep at the wheel on Bus Connects

21 September 2018

Labour Spokesperson on Transport Kevin Humphreys has criticised Minister Ross’s comments in which he claims he has “nothing to do with Bus Connects”

Commenting today Senator Humphreys said:

“Minister Ross seems to have a gross misunderstanding of his role if he believes the largest review of public transport seen in Dublin in decades has “nothing to do with him”.

“It is worth noting that the Minister’s distancing of himself form the BusConnects plan comes after a day of severe criticism for the plan in Dail Eireann. I would ask the question that if it is not the job of the Minister for transport, who in the cabinet is responsible?

“Elected representatives and members of the public across Dublin have been working since July to put to together submissions to the NTA on this proposal. It has been a huge issue for many local areas since its publication at the beginning of the summer. Hours of work has gone into these submissions.

“Considering also that the purposed €2 billion budget marks one of the biggest investments in public transport in Dublin since the economic crash of 2007, the Minister’s comments are even more inappropriate.

“It strikes me that the Minister is asleep at the wheel on Bus Connects.”


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