No clarity on level of Christmas Bonus from Minister

25 September 2018

Labour spokesperson on Social Protection Ged Nash has called on Minister Regina Doherty to clarify immediately the level of Christmas Bonus that will be paid to those in receipt of social welfare payments in December.

Senator Nash said:

“In her written opening statement to the Oireachtas Committee today the Minister for Social Protection said ‘There is currently no provision for a Christmas bonus in the Department’s allocation for 2018’.

“In light of this remark alone, I’m aghast as to why the Minister wonders why certain conclusions were drawn that there may be no bonus paid this year!

“While she went on to tell committee members that a bonus would be paid, she wasn’t able to tell us what level it would be.

“If the Government is not going to give carers and pensioners the full Christmas Bonus, the Minister should make that clear as soon as possible.

“There is no reason to keep this secret until budget day as the money for the bonus payment is found through savings in the Department’s own budget allocation for the current year.

“Instead of giving members the information I asked for, the Minister went on the political attack and failed to use the chance to outline what the Government’s approach would be this December.

“It’s not fair for the Minister to keep this information top-secret from the 1.2 million people on fixed incomes who will be planning their household budgets for the coming months.

“I’m urging Fine Gael to tell us now if the full the double payment is to be restored or not.”

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