“;Yet again this government has failed to deliver on housing.

28 September 2018

Labour Senator Kevin Humphreys has criticised Housing Minister and his cabinet colleagues for the failure to get a promised ‘fast-track’ housing plan off the ground in Poolbeg.

Commenting Senator Humphreys said:

“Yet again this government has failed to deliver on housing. Yet again a plan which was hailed as a new departure has failed to come to fruition.

“The Poolbag development was promised on under Simon Coveney, and he spoke at the time of how quickly this development would be delivered. Thousands of homes were promised. Now we learn under Minister Murphy that development won’t even start until 2020.

“There have been some failings with Dublin City Council here too, but at the end of the day, the buck stops with the Minister. Poolbeg is just another in a long line of developments which have not been delivered years after they were promised.

“This part of Dublin is in desperate need of public housing. How government expects people in Dublin Bay South  to have any faith in their ability to deliver such housing in the future, I really don’t know.”

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