The choice in Budget 2019 is a social recovery or tax cuts

04 October 2018

Speaking today at the launch of Labour’s alternative proposals for Budget 2019, Building A New Republic, Party Leader Brendan Howlin spoke about the need for a full social recovery to follow the economic recovery.

Deputy Howlin said:

“Labour’s message is simple: we cannot talk about Ireland’s economy having fully recovered until every person and family has seen the benefits.

“The choice facing Ireland is clear. We can either cuts taxes or cut poverty.

“With much reduced unemployment and a steady recovery of the national finances, now is the time when the Government can finally invest in a real social recovery.

“We fought for a referendum that set out strict fiscal policy rules at EU level, to protect our shared currency. We were told then that they were too strict. But we are told now that they are too lax and that the Government insists on spending less than is permitted by the rules, despite the housing crisis, the overstretched health budget and other urgent problems facing society.

“Labour’s alternative budget proposals are carefully balanced to protect the economy and prepare for Brexit, while also putting maximum effort into putting money where it is most needed, in public services and investment in housing.

“Universalism has always been one of the pillars of Labour’s philosophy, hand-in-hand with a progressive tax system. Investment in public services like hospitals, schools and affordable housing benefits everyone who needs it, as opposed to tax cuts that only benefit a minority.

“Labour’s goal is to balance prosperity, equality and sustainability in our economy. We must have a full social recovery to follow the economic recovery.”


Labour’s alternative budget for 2019 ‘Building a New Republic is available here:

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