Labour Youth calls for Yes vote on Blasphemy

Labour Youth
16 October 2018

Labour Youth has today called for people young and old to ensure that they vote yes to remove Ireland’s blasphemy law on October 26th.

Labour Youth’s Chairperson, Chloe Manahan said:

“Among all the excitement in the run-up to the Presidential Election, the referendum being held on the same day has not received the attention that it deserves. We are calling for everyone to make sure they vote ‘yes’ to remove Article 40 from Bunreacht na hÉireann – the bizarre and archaic article that makes blasphemy an offence in accordance with the law.

“It is ridiculous that this article features in our constitution, not only because it is unenforceable, but because any such law has no place in the statute books of a secular republic.

The appetite for a separation of church and state in this country was proven by the emphatic results we saw with Repeal and Marriage Equality. We must continue to vote in force to eliminate all elements of the Constitution that are contravenous to the principles of a secular republic.

“People in this country must be free to express their religion or lack thereof without fear of punishment. The harm of vested interests and formalised ties between the Church and State continues to cast a dark shadow over this country.

“As Ireland escapes the clutches of theocratic rule, our Constitution must not serve as justification to persecute others; article 40 is cited by violent, autocratic theocracies abroad to justify heinous abuses of human rights in the name of faith.

“This is unacceptable and serves as a reminder of the ease with which religious minorities may be oppressed, so long as religious supremacy is enshrined in law. On October 26th, those of us who can, must perform our civic duty and vote, yet again, to work towards an ethical, pluralist, inclusive and secular society.”

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