Tomorrow never comes on short term lets legislation

18 October 2018

Labour Senator Kevin Humphreys has criticised the government for the continued delay on Airbnb legislation.

Speaking today Kevin Humphreys said:

“It seems tomorrow never comes on short-term lets (Airbnb) regulation. Following a strenuous debate in the Seanad, today Minister English has said that the long-awaited regulation of short-term legislation, which I have been pushing for the last two years, is due out next week.

“However there have been so many promises since November 2017 by Minister Murphy on regulating short-term lets, it is hard to now have faith in the promised delivery on the issue.

“Both Ministers Murphy and English have had to be publically pushed on this issue again, and again, and again. What is so frustrating for those of us who have called for this over the last two years is that both Ministers Murphy and English have repeatedly said there are no shortcuts to house building, while refusing to acknowledge that there is more than just new house builds to be done in tackling the problem.

“Minster Murphy admits himself that there are 1000 units that could come into the market from the short term let market. I personally believe there are more than that.

“Taking just one small housing complex in Christchurch, I found 7 properties that are currently on Airbnb. A quick search on Airbnb shows up the huge numbers of Airbnb users who have multiple properties on the site, with 7 hosts currently advertising sixty properties between them in Dublin alone for between €2,100 and €4,300 per month.

“With the highest rates of childhood homelessness facing the state in decades, 4000 children now without a permanent abode, the Ministers reluctance to grasp the bull by the horns on this is disgraceful.

“I will continue to await their publishing of the promised legislation.”


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