Increase in homeless children is a scandal in modern Ireland

24 October 2018

Labour Housing spokesperson Jan O’Sullivan has said the latest increase in homeless people is a scandal in modern Ireland with a further 136 children without a home in September taking it to a total of 3,829.

Deputy O’Sullivan said:

“The latest figures on homelessness in Ireland show an increase across all categories: adults, families and children. This is a scandal in modern Ireland where the economy has recovered but Government seems incapable of dealing with the housing crisis.

“September statistics show that 5869 adults and 3829 children are without a home, up from 5834 adults and 3693 children in August.  The number of families homeless has gone up from1698 to 1753. That means a further 136 children are without a home.

“The tragedy of this for the families concerned is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

“I am calling on the Government to make the changes in law that are needed to keep people in their homes that the Labour Party has proposed: stopping evictions for reasons of sale or refurbishment of the property; stopping rent hikes by controlling increases right across the country and closing the loopholes that are allowing such hikes even in Rent Pressure Zones.

“As well as the major Social and Affordable build Labour has proposed (80,000 homes over 5 years)  there has to be a determined focus on opening up the 3,600 Council houses currently vacant and the many other privately-owned homes that are vacant, through compulsory purchase, if necessary.

“We’ve had a litany of announcements, plans and incentives for the private sector.  We need state-led action and we need it now.

“This scandal cannot continue, and the Government must act immediately to stem the flow of people losing their home.”

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