NTA making city center travel more inaccessible.

09 November 2018

Labour Spokesperson on Transport, Senator Kevin Humphreys has accused the NTA of making public transport more expensive at a time when we need to encourage public transport use.

Speaking today Senator Humphreys said;

“At a time where we are trying to encourage more users on our buses and on the Luas, the fact that ticket and Leap tickets are due to increase yet again is discouraging.

“There are significantly more increases than decreases to fares across Dublin Bus and Luas services. In fact the number of fare increases outnumbers the decreases 3:1. Increases are to be seen for Leap fares, cash fares, monthly and annual tickets.

“What is even more disappointing is that the increases are set to come at the start of what is arguably the most expensive time of year for most people, December.

“I think the NTA needs to review theses increases and refocuses their funding efforts towards ensuring enough funds from the Department of Transport, rather than passing on increases to loyal customers.”

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