Lack for decency for renters

19 November 2018

Labour spokesperson on Housing Jan O’Sullivan TD has expressed horror at landlords expecting tenants to share a bed with a stranger.

Commenting today Deputy O’Sullivan said;

“Stories in the news today of renters being charged €550 to share a bed with a stranger are horrifying. This signifies a new low in the treatment of tenants in our rental sector. In 2012 the same rent would have been assigned to an entire apartment.

“It seems that there truly is no baseline of decency for renters in Ireland anymore.

“It is the most likely to be the most vulnerable people looking to rent in Ireland who would fall prey to such practices: migrant workers, low wage earners, and students whose education is dependent on being near the college.

“This suggests the owners of these properties are putting the health and safety of tenants at risk and denying them the basic dignity of a private room, so they can increase their profit margins. However, they are only doing what they think they will get away with.

“The Minister for Housing has not done nearly enough to alleviate the pressure on renters or to help them guarantee their rights. With conditions such as those being advertised now it is no wonder there is such a consistent flow of renters entering homelessness. It is not safe, nor acceptable for people to pay to share a bed with a stranger. 

“The tax breaks announced in the recent budget will lead to a situation wherein it now costs a landlord less to buy a family home then it does a family who is renting and trying to save for a deposit.

“It is beyond time for Minister Murphy to bring in strong and water-tight legislation to protect tenants’ rights; there are far too many stories like these that show how vulnerable people are to the rising cost and insecurity in the rental market.”

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