The Dublin Fire Brigade provides crucial ambulance services.

29 November 2018

Labour Party leader Brendan Howlin TD today spoke in the Dáil about the importance of maintaining the Dublin Fire Brigade’s ambulance service.

Deputy Howlin said:

“In June of this year, the Dáil passed a motion on the Dublin Fire Brigade. We recognised that the Dublin Fire Brigade provides crucial ambulance services.

“The Dáil rejected the suggestion of merging the ambulance service with the National Ambulance Service and rejected the suggestion of removing any element of Dublin Fire Brigade’s fire-based Emergency Medical Service (EMS) system

“But as far as we can tell, management in Dublin City Council are not engaging in a process of discussion with the Dublin Fire Brigade and they are pushing to dismantle the existing service in favour of a centralised national service. 

“We understand that simple, low cost technical solutions are available to permit a seamless communications link-up between the Dublin Fire Brigade and the National Ambulance Service.

“We have invested, over the years, to create a system of fire-based emergency response, including ambulances and highly trained paramedics in our fire service. It makes no sense to dismantle this services, which is working well.

“In the UK, there is a move towards integrating ‘blue light’ services as best practice, to generate efficiencies and to enhance public safety. Dublin Fire Brigade have been doing it for over a hundred years, but there is a risk we will now move in the other direction.

“Labour has called on the Government to ensure that a process is put in place and followed through to fully examine all of the options. The Tánaiste has expressed the Government’s willingness to do that, and we will them to that pledge.”

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