Treatment of staff and students by Grafton College a disgrace

03 December 2018

Labour Senator Kevin Humphreys has called on the government to fast-track the Qualifications and Quality Assurance Bill, in light of the overnight closure of yet another English language college.


Commenting today Senator Humphreys said:


“100 international students and twenty-five members of staff at the Dublin English language school based in Grafton College, Portabello, have been left high and dry. The almost overnight closure of this college has left students out of pocket for fees of up to €2000 and teachers have been told they will not receive their last five weeks of pay.


“This all comes at the beginning of what can be the toughest time of the year for personal finances. The fact that the owners of the company appear to have gone into hiding and are not providing any explanation is disgraceful.


“These teachers are hard-working and care about their students. These are people working hard at professional jobs despite having precarious contracts, and now they have been betrayed by the management of Grafton College.


“This has become all too common in recent years with a significant number of English Language schools closing overnight and leaving staff as well as students in the lurch. Some of the teachers affected have been in the same position before, with overnight closures being inflicted on them by other colleges too.


“There is legislation in front of the Oireachtas at the moment that could address some of the insecurity of work involved in cases like this: the Qualifications and Quality Assurance Bill. I am calling on the government to fast-track this legislation and give people working and learning in this sector some security.”



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