Education should focus on the needs of students, not big business

18 December 2018

Labour Spokesperson for Education Senator Aodhán Ó Riordan has criticised government education strategy which is too concerned with the will of corporate bodies.

Commenting today Senator Ó Riordan said:

“The recent decision to give corporations a say over €300 million in education spending is a worrying development. Any private interest group having this level of influence of national education policy is inappropriate.

“Education should be focused on the needs of students and their development and not targeting the needs of the private market. Equally further investment in the higher education sector should not be contingent on fulling the needs of corporations.

“This prioritisation of employers interest is even more worrying when you consider the distinct lack of trade union representation on the boards of Further Education and Training bodies. The Expert Group on Future Skills Needs is the only FET  which currently has a member from the Trade Union movement sitting on their board. 

“Minister McHugh should reevaluate a decision which could serve to undermine the autonomy of education policy and refocus on delivering education for education’s sake.”


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