Labour must come out fighting in May Elections

19 January 2019


The Labour Party has selected former Minister Alex White to contest the Dublin constituency in this May’s European Parliament elections.

Thanking party members for nominating him, White said:

“These elections will be the most momentous in the history of the European Union.

“Brexit poses a real risk to Europe’s unity, and to its sense of purpose. The Union will survive their departure, but it will be a different place without the UK.

“In this new landscape Ireland will need strong and experienced voices in the Parliament.

“And the Parliament will need to hear the voice of the Irish Labour Party – especially since our British Labour comrades will no longer be there.

“After the reverses of 2016, we must come out fighting again – advocating a progressive vision for the future of the EU.

“The left often seems hopelessly fractured. In the coming months we must find a way to work with other parties, and with left-leaning independents. We should try to put past disputes behind us.

“A failure of the constructive left to take at least one seat in Dublin would be tragic. It would be a lost opportunity. We should co-operate generously to ensure that this does not happen” said White.


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