Revenue should stop Vitamin Tax

25 January 2019

Labour Leader Brendan Howlin has called on the Revenue Commissioners to defer the implementation of a 23% increase on food supplements, planned for March 1st until a full review of the decision is carried out. 

Deputy Howlin said:

“This VAT increase is a tax on making a healthy life choice. There are hundreds of thousands of people across the country dependent on taking vitamins as part of their health regime.

“The practice of zero rating vitamins, minerals, and fish oils have applied since 1972. So this is a very significant issue 

“People take supplements, not as so luxury good, but to improve their quality of health. Specifically; the elderly, those with specific dietary requirements and ill health. It is a good thing that people want to take better care of themselves.

“This increase has come as a bolt from the blue for consumers and for retailers. The Irish Health Trade Association this morning expressed concerns about the impact this will have on small business too.

“Such a fundamental change that impacts deserve much better consideration than has happened thus far and I would ask the Revenue Commissioners to defer the implementation of a 23% increase on food supplements, planned for March 1st until a full review of the decision is carried out.”

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