Fianna Fáil let down the people of Fingal by abstaining on Aircraft Noise Bill.

14 February 2019

Labour TD for Dublin Fingal, Brendan Ryan has criticised Fianna Fáil for facilitating the passing of the Aircraft Noice (Dublin Airport) Regulation Bill 2018. 

Deputy Ryan said;

“On Wednesday evening we came to discuss the critical stage of the Aircraft Noise (Dublin Airport) Regulations Bill 2018, the Report Stage Amendments. This Bill is quite controversial because it proposes to designate the CEO of Fingal County Council as the “Competent Body” for purposes of Aircraft Noise Regulation. Community groups in several parts of Fingal including Portmarnock, St Margaret’s and Swords, who are directly under aircraft flight paths are opposed to this element of the legislation.

“They favoured the Commission for Aviation Regulation (CAR) as a preferred Regulator as they are of the view that Fingal County Council would not have sufficient independence from the DAA in order to fairly carry out this important role. I and other opposition deputies supported that view also and all of the opposition TD’s in the constituency expressed and pledged support to the residents to try to amend the legislation.

“I put down amendments, as did Clare Daly and other opposition parties, seeking to remove Fingal County Council as the official noise monitor for Dublin Airport and instead, place the Commission for Aviation Regulation in that role. Had all opposition parties come together on this we could have changed it. However, Fianna Fáil facilitated the Government in getting its way by abstaining on key opposition votes and with only 9 out of their 44 TD’s turning up to vote on these very important amendments.

“Unfortunately for the concerned residents the opportunity has now passed and the only thing left may be a legal challenge to Europe.”



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