Hynes to campaign for housing, safer roads, community and sport facilities

22 February 2019

At the Labour Party convention in Castlecomer Community Hall on Tuesday night, Denis Hynes was selected to contest the local elections, pledging to continue the good work of Cllr Maurice Shortall, and campaign for more housing, safer roads, community and sport facilities.

Speaking to members, Denis Hynes said:

“It’s a great honour to be selected by the Labour Party Branch of Castlecomer to contest the local election on 24th May 2019. As our general election candidate for Carlow-Kilkenny, I’ve been campaigning across the constituency, but for the next three months I will be fighting to win a Council seat for Labour.

“My good friend and Labour Party Councillor, Maurice Shortall is committed to working with me going forward despite stepping down in May. I have big boots to fill, as Maurice has faithfully served the area for the last 15 years, but I know working with him, that we will win the support of voters and hold on to the Labour seat.

“We’ll be on the canvas trail and I’m looking forward to meeting with neighbours and friends on the way. I’m passionate and always have been as a Trade Unionist about workers’ rights. I’m hugely concerned about the amount of overcrowding that is presently taking place in family homes and the significant shortage of Local Authority houses in some areas. We need a more strategic approach to this. If elected, it will be central to my five years on the Council.

“Families are also suffering due to the outdated SUSI grant which is not means tested effectively to take in living costs. Due to this, many of our children can’t commence or complete third level education. It’s something I will continue to raise.

“Many of our roads are simply not fit for purpose. It’s one of the core functions of the Council to keep our roads in good condition. The requirement for safety measures on dangerous roads and junctions and quick fixes can’t become long term solutions. This is an issue I won’t let slide.

“I love being involved in sport and strongly believe that the funding being provided for clubs and community groups such as playgrounds, facilities etc should be enhanced thereby taking a huge financial burden off all us voluntary groups. I will be a advocate for local clubs.

“Finally I want to be a strong voice for all the people and all the communities we live in. So hopefully on the 24th of May you will give me your number 1.”

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