Howlin welcomes row back on 23% Health Tax

26 February 2019

Labour Party Leader Brendan Howlin has welcomed the last minute row back by the Revenue Commissioners to delay plans to charge VAT on food supplements until November.

This follows the Taoiseach telling the Dáil in response to Deputy Howlin’s question today that the Government could not tell the Revenue Commissioners what to do.

Deputy Howlin said:

“The decision by the Revenue Commissioners to delay the implementation of the 23% VAT on food supplements until 1st November is extremely welcome.

“Last week I asked the Government to direct the Revenue to pause this tax due to the confusion it has caused, and the threat to jobs and health. It is the role of the Oireachtas and the Government to set our tax laws and policies.

“Just just afternoon in the Dáil in response to my further questions, the Taoiseach said nothing could be done following representations by the Minister for Finance to Revenue.

“However, in response to the 60,000 strong petition handed in today after a protest outside Leinster House, and the consistent efforts of small shop owners to raise this, implementation of this sneaky tax has now been delayed until November.

“I welcome the move to consider this fully in the context of Budget 2020, and I hope the public consultation will now allow all the complex issues that I and others have highlighted to be fully teased out.

“Common sense has prevailed.”

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