Gangs run riot as Drogheda denied policing resources

27 February 2019

Labour Senator Ged Nash has hit out at the low levels of policing cover in Drogheda in the wake of the latest gangland attack in the town, calling on the Minister for Justice to act, saying:

“There is an ongoing and violent criminal feud in the town which is wreaking havoc and putting lives at risk.

“The Minister for Justice in a PR inspired visit Drogheda in December pledged that ‘Drogheda would get what Drogheda wanted’ in terms of policing resources.

“We got 18 new probationer Guards straight out of Templemore but only three have been retained. There is only one Garda car available in the town at any one time.

“Last week, an overtime ban was introduced and full Armed Response Unit cover was withdrawn from Drogheda.

“Local Gardai have been working exceptionally hard to maintain order and to investigate and arrest those responsible for the mayhem in the town in recent months. They need the support of senior Management and the Minister.

“Local Gardai are disgracefully under-resourced and are stretched to complete breaking point.

“It’s not good enough that the Minister chooses on one day to play the tough guy, visit Garda stations and promise the sun, moon and the stars and then decide depending on the circumstances that he is not responsible for Garda matters.

“This kind of cynicism discredits the Minister and government and is an insult to the intelligence of the people of Drogheda and to the guards on the streets who are at breaking point.”

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