Cycling Commissioner needed for Cork

28 February 2019

Labour Cork City local election candidate Peter Horgan has called for the establishment of a cycling commissioner in Cork city and County that would have a statutory footing to push forward alternative transport options, investment and communications for Cork city and county.

Mr Horgan said:

“London has such an office which sits between the City Council and Transport for London. It is high time that we draw the powers that be of the NTA down from Dublin and formally set them within the local authority framework.

“Such an individual can be appointed by agreement of the two chief executives and a vote of both Councils. It would give them strength within the political and official eco-systems fo the city and county – and crucially, would be answerable to both in terms of output and results. I have engaged with Dr Will Norman, who is the London Cycling & Walking Commissioner and while there were teething issues with the role when first created, it is having a real impact. We need to think outside the box for the new Council areas from May onwards and an individual purposefully designed to disrupt old thinking on issues is vital. It is worth considering at least.”

“When we think of the traffic backlogs across the city, in county towns, the need for the expansion fo the public bikes, the importance of tackling obesity, we cannot afford to do nothing and remain in single occupancy vehicles.”

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