Nunan secures nomination for Ireland South Constituency

03 March 2019

Today, in Cork City, Sheila Nunan was selected as the Labour Party candidate to stand in the forthcoming European Parliament elections due to take place in May 2019.

Sheila has been a trade union activist throughout her career. In 2010 she was elected as INTO General Secretary, the first woman to hold the post, which positioned her at the forefront of all recession-era public service pay agreements.

A strong advocate for decent work, decent pay and quality public services, Sheila serves as the current President of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions.

Sheila Nunan said:

“The tide is turning in this country. Ordinary people see the need for strong Labour values at the heart of government decision making, here and in Europe. Brexit has exposed the fragility of our relationships with our neighbouring countries and the need to ensure Europe delivers for the many and not just the few.

“I’m standing in this election because I believe in the EU, but it needs to do better. We need to tackle rampant inequality, those who lost so much during the recession and still wait for the recovery to mean something to them.

“We need to create a European social floor beyond which no one can fall. We need a better balance between workers and the needs of the market, standing firm in the face of exploitation and supporting communities. Europe too, needs to deliver for its member states and I won’t miss an opportunity to stand up for the needs of the South constituency. We need to ensure a fair balance between the large cities and the regions of the EU and regional development for Ireland south will be top of my agenda if elected.

“I’ll be knocking on doors right across this constituency and look forward to listening to what people have to say. There are those that say the European elections aren’t as important as the nationals – let’s show them that’s not true!

“I’m eternally grateful to the grassroots members who have put their faith in me today.”

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