More PR spin at another Childcare launch

Seán Sherlock TD
11 March 2019

Labour spokesperson on Children and Youth Affairs Seán Sherlock TD has said today’s press event by the Taoiseach and Minister for Children was just a launch about a launch with nothing tangible for parents or providers, and a website that isn’t even ready yet.

Deputy Sherlock said:

“The Taoiseach and Minister for Children held another PR launch today for the National Childcare Scheme, but the website still isn’t live, and nothing we didn’t already know was announced.

“There were some nice photos taken but nothing else for parents or providers to take home.”

“They launched a new name and a website – which doesn’t work. They said that they’ll tell people about it all in May, during the local elections. They announced a new helpline but don’t give the number as it won’t happen until April.

“The Department has also arranged training sessions for providers in four areas around Dublin and the commuter belt under the Affordable Childcare Scheme rather than the new name they picked today.

“Essentially today was about getting the photo in the paper and the soundbite on the television. This type of PR spin has become the hallmark of this Government, like in Budget 2019 when the Government kicked the can until after the autumn, they have kicked the can again in an effort to show they are doing something.

“Parents and Providers want certainty and investment, not more photo-ops.

“The statement issued says this will pave the way for our system to move from one of the most expensive to one of the very best, but there is no effort to cap costs for parents, or deliver professional salaries for those working in the sector.”

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