Brexit fiasco could supplant European Parliament elections warns White

19 March 2019

If the uncertainty and chaos surrounding Brexit continues, it could dominate the European Parliament elections, and crowd out necessary debate on many critical questions facing the European Union and its citizens, according to Labour’s Dublin candidate Alex White. 

“The UK is due to leave the EU on 29 March, just eight weeks before the European Parliament elections. Whatever happens in Westminster this week, it seems likely that Brexit will be a significant back-drop to those elections. Paradoxically a member State on the way out could get more attention than the needs and aspirations of those remaining”.

Speaking in Brussels this morning White said:

“Millions of Europeans want to see the European Union addressing real and pressing issues such job security in the digital economy, and the need for greater ambition to address climate change. Endless wrangling over the nature and timing of Brexit is delaying the necessary debate on how to plan our future in a rapidly changing world.   

“It would be far better if the UK were to stay in the European Union. But if they must go, they need to settle their intentions now, so that we can move on to the big issues that confront us all.

“I am in Brussels today to discuss many of these problems with colleagues from the S&D group in the European Parliament, as well as with activists and experts on workers’ rights in the gig economy, data protection, and the energy transition”.

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