Hannigan challenges Brexiteers to join him on ‘Bike The Border’ project to show nonsense of Hard Border

21 March 2019

Labour’s Euro candidate in Midlands/North West, Dominic Hannigan has challenged Brexiteer MPs to join him on his ‘Bike the Border’ project to demonstrate the danger of imposing a hard border.

Speaking at the launch of his online video detailing his cycle along the border Dominic said:

“I recently cycled along the border, easily crossing from North to South, like thousands of other people do every day.  The invisible border on the island of Ireland is essential to maintain the peace process, develop trade and jobs and keep communities together.  Any talk of a return to a hard border is nonsense.

“Unfortunately, Brexiteer MPs in Westminster who are trying to unravel the Irish backstop have no idea of the reality of life on the border.  This week they have been consumed with a parliamentary ruling dating back to 1604.  If there was ever an example of a group of politicians being so removed from the reality of daily life and the consequences of their actions it is this.

“Over the coming weeks I’ll be back on my bike, talking to communities along the border and highlighting the importance of maintaining free movement, north and south.  Every day thousands of people, north and south, cross the border.  While cross border trade is rightly highlighted, it need to be remembered that thousands cross the border every day to bring children to school, access parts of their farms and attend medical appointments, for instance.   

“I challenge any Brexiteer MP intent on unravelling the Irish backstop to get out of the Westminster bubble and join me.  I hope a dose of reality might bring some sense to an increasingly destructive Tory Brexit mess.”


Notes for Editors:

You see Dominic’s ‘Bike the Border’ video here:


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