Dublin should be investing in Electric Taxis

04 April 2019

Labour Transport spokesperson Senator Kevin Humphreys calls for legislative action to incentivise for completely electric taxi fleets in Dublin by 2025. This proposal requires the installation of wireless power transfer stations to make electric vehicles more accessible. Senator Humphreys’ appeal comes in response to Oslo, Norway’s plan to have a completely electric taxi system by 2023.

Senator Humphreys said:

“Labour thinks we need to far more ambitious in our aims to reach our CO2 emissions targets and to begin to keep pace with other nations in the EU. All forms of public transport, from trains to taxis, have to be making meaningful moves towards electrification. 

“The initiative involves constructing underground wireless power transfer stations in hubs like airport terminals and railway stations where taxi drivers can charge their vehicles while waiting for passengers. An inductive panel installed in the frame of the electric tax receives the charge through magnetic force when the taxi drives over the charging bank.

“Wireless power transfer stations alleviate the difficulties electric vehicle drivers face in having to locate a plug-in to charge the vehicle. By installing the appropriate infrastructure, we add an additional incentive for taxi drivers to make the switch to electric vehicles and bring Ireland closer to a completely electric transport system.

“The initiative also requires financial incentives for taxi drivers and operators who transition to electric vehicles or install wireless charging equipment in their electric vehicles. Senator Humphreys intends to implement a public awareness campaign to inform taxi drivers and operators of the benefits of electric vehicles and wireless power transfer stations.”

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