Delay in Redevelopment Prevents Phibsoborough Reaching It’s True Potential as a Thriving Urban Village 

09 April 2019

Labour Spokesperson on Urban Regeneration, Joe Costello, has described as ‘very disappointing’ the news of possibility that the redevelopment of Phibsoborough Shopping Centre may not go ahead. 

Mr. Costello said: 

“The media report today that the €50 million redevelopment of the Shopping Centre in Phibsborough may not now go ahead is very disappointing. The Shopping Centre with its asbestos and ‘brutalistic ‘ Tower is a hazard and major eyesore and makes it difficult for  Phibsborough to realise its true potential as a thriving urban village. It is further disappointing that Tesco has declined to participate in the development and that the project has little chance of proceeding without Tesco granting access over a right of way it controls for the duration of the work.

“The original expectation was that the work on the redevelopment of the Shopping Centre would proceed in tandem with the redevelopment of Dalymount Park, the home of Bohemians’ FC. That approach would have allowed for a more integrated development with reduced costs.

“Now it appears that both major projects are in limbo. No funding has been made available for the Dalymount project and the Shopping Centre project must await the goodwill of TESCO to proceed.

“In the meantime, the residents of Phibsborough and the Bohemian fans are being shortchanged.

“It is high time that all involved came together under the auspices of Dublin City Council which now owns Dalymount Park and agreed on a way forward in the interests of all.”

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