Young voters must use their vote and have their say on European policy

09 April 2019

Sheila Nunan urges young constituents to vote in upcoming local and European elections.

Ireland South European election candidate, Sheila Nunan, has spoken of the need to involve young voters in European politics. Ms Nunan spent the day meeting with constituents in Cork city centre, as well as attending engagements in UCC and in the Crawford Gallery.

Ms Nunan said ‘I have enjoyed sharing my vision for Ireland South with young voters and hearing how the EU can better work for them.”

Ms Nunan, who will travel to Limerick, Wicklow and Wexford later this week said: “In the last European elections of 2014, turnout among the young was particularly low, with only 28 percent of people 18 to 24 casting a ballot, compared to some 51 percent of those over 55. We must work to engage our young people in European politics, we must show them that the EU can work for them”

Sheila Nunan reflected upon the referendum campaigns of recent years, “where young people were involved, felt empowered and effected real and lasting change.”

“Tens of thousands of new first time voters used their votes in the referendums of 2015 and 2018, and they, the young people of Ireland brought about great social change. This May those same young Irish people need to get out and vote for Europe.”

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