Hannigan calls on bank bosses to guarantee ATM services in rural areas

10 April 2019

– Communities need reassurance after spate of robberies –

Labour candidate for the Midlands – North West, Dominic Hannigan, today urged the CEOs of the main retail banks to give a commitment to rural communities that ATM services will be maintained at current levels.

Hannigan made his call in the wake of a spate of ATM robberies north and south of the border in recent months.

According to Hannigan, “I’ve been contacted by many people in border communities who have a genuine fear that their local access to an ATM is now in doubt as a result of the appalling spate of robberies in recent months.

“Many small rural communities, especially along the border, have endured branch closures in recent years.  For many, access to an ATM is vital the last banking service in their community.  The thugs who are carrying out these raids are putting even that level of service at risk.

“Today I’ve written to the CEOs of the main retail banks urging them to give a commitment to maintain the current ATM network, north and south of the border.  It is important that responsible businesses move to reassure communities at this time.  Access to cash is essential for citizens, it is also the lifeblood of local businesses.  We can’t let criminal thugs put that at risk and the major banks need to stand up to these criminal gangs and stand with communities and remove the doubts that currently exist.”

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