We must provide employment opportunities for our young people

10 April 2019

Sheila Nunan expresses concern at youth unemployment figures

Ireland South European election candidate, Sheila Nunan, responded to new employment figures published at yesterday’s ‘Future of Work’ European Commission Conference, noting that the commission must go even further in order to improve employment opportunities for young people here in Ireland.

Ms Nunan said: “The Socialists and Democrats group are the driving force behind the social rights agenda within the EU, and they will continue to be. Inequalities in wages, in economic development, in education and training opportunities, in employment, are yet to be addressed. I am campaigning to change that.”

Ms Nunan made particular reference to those young people who are being left behind,

“While the headline unemployment rate here in Ireland continues to drop, youth unemployment remains elevated standing at 13.4% (CSO 02/04/19). We must focus on providing improved training and education opportunities for all young people, enabling them to enter the labour force. There is a choice to be made about the type of EU we need in the future. I’m standing for the progressive choice, a social Europe that gets back to basics and doesn’t leave anyone behind.”

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