Killing of journalist McKee a shocking and reckless act

19 April 2019

Labour Party Leader Brendan Howlin has condemned the violence in Derry last night, and described the indiscriminate shooting that led to the death of journalist Lyra McKee as a shocking and reckless act.

Deputy Howlin said:

“The killing of journalist Lyra McKee, a young woman, only 29 going about her vocation, is a shocking act, both reckless and callous, and I condemn it, and call for those who perpetrated it should come forward and take responsibility, and for all those with information to provide it to the PSNI. The escalating violence in Derry following recent failed car bombings is deeply troubling.

“Those responsible do not speak for Ireland or our people. They should be condemned by all, and stop their violent actions. Too much is at stake for our island.

“This latest act of indiscriminate violence is a further wake up call for those of us who lived through the troubles and worked for years to foster and embed the peace process. What is most disturbing is that reports would indicate the shots fired were indiscriminate and could have killed and maimed children and other observers.

“We are now seeing the real and threatening impact of the fallout from the chaotic Brexit process, and the lack of political structures in Northern Ireland for far too long.

“This shocking killing should resonate with those who have been elected to represent their communities across Northern Ireland and I call on them to sit down now with each other, and work to put back in place a power sharing Executive that can work to better the lives of all the people of Northern Ireland.”

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