Answers needed on SDZ height restrictions

24 April 2019

Labour Senator, Kevin Humphreys, has asked Minister for Housing, Eoghan Murphy, to clarify if new height restrictions, which he introduced last year, are applicable to developments in the Special Development Zones. 

Sen. Humphreys said:

“The Minister for Housing introduced relaxed rules surrounding height restrictions last December but has not clarified how these new rules apply to the Special Development Zones (SDZ). It is counter-intuitive for the Minister to propose less restrive heigh limits if it causes such confusion as to allow people to mount legal challenges to proposed developments Dublin needs. 

“We are all aware of the desperate need for more housing. SDZs offer fast-tracked housing and office development. We cannot afford for long delays to SDZs while legal challenges are mounted due to this lack of clarity. Just last week I welcomed the announcement of the development of Poolbeg West, which will see three and a half thousands homes, and there are major developments being done in the North and South Lotts. 

“This all seems somewhat typical of Fine Gael. They make the announcement of the new policy and seem to forget that those announcements have to take place in a wider planning process. Announcements for the sake of good PR seems to be the hallmark of this government.”

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