Hannigan outlines priority issues as “progressive candidate” for Midlands North West

24 April 2019

Dominic Hannigan, the Labour Party’s European election candidate for the Midlands North West constituency, launched his campaign manifesto today (23.04.19), declaring himself the choice for “voters who want Ireland and Europe to be progressive, brave, and to demonstrate real leadership on major global issues”. 
Mr. Hannigan said his priorities as an MEP will be to tackle climate change; help the people of the Midlands North West constituency to prepare for the workplaces of the future; and work for sustainable development and the regeneration of regional towns.

“People often feel disengaged from what’s happening in Europe,” he said. “But, for Irish people, these are possibly the most important European elections ever. 
“Europe and the world are at a crossroads at present. This year, voters can choose to follow the US and the UK down the path of right-wing, populist and isolationist politics – or they can choose to work with our close neighbours and allies to collectively tackle major global issues and achieve progressive change.

“Without international collaboration and cooperation, the world will fail to address the major challenges we face today – such as climate change, inequality and discrimination, and the impact of automation on our lives. 
“Now, more than ever, we need politicians in Europe who are outward-looking, progressive and capable of negotiating partnerships with other Member States to achieve positive outcomes for all. 
“What we absolutely do not need are MEPs who don’t even believe in the European project – who feel that Ireland would be better to ‘go it alone’.  Distancing ourselves from Europe would be catastrophic for Ireland now.”

The S&D Group/Progressive Alliance

As a Labour Party MEP, Mr. Hannigan will join the S&D Progressive Alliance grouping, if elected to the European Parliament. 
“The Progressive Alliance is the second-largest grouping in the European Parliament, with a proven track record of demonstrating courage and integrity in tackling major global issues,” he said.  “Most recently, for example, the centre-right groupings of which, Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil are members, tried to block the inspirational young climate change campaigner, Greta Thunberg, from addressing the European Parliament.

“In contrast to the more conservative groupings, the Progressive Alliance group takes issues like climate change, gender equality, workers’ rights and sustainable development seriously.  I will be proud to join this grouping in the European Parliament to work with colleagues from throughout Europe to achieve real and lasting changes that will positively impact the people of the Midlands North West constituency.

“As an MEP, I will fight for the counties of the Midlands North West to ensure their development is supported and prioritised. I want to see the towns of this region thriving – and receiving the attention they deserve.  I also want to ensure workers throughout the region are treated fairly, and are fully equipped with the skills and opportunities needed to adapt to the ‘21st Century workplace’.

“I have years of political experience – as a local authority representative, a Senator, a TD and Chairperson of two Oireachtas Committees. I understand the sensitive negotiations needed to effect change.  And I am not afraid to make bold choices.  Rather than chasing headlines and playing to people’s fears, I will work in Europe to ensure Ireland demonstrates real global leadership – and we get the best possible outcomes, for all counties and countries, in the long-term.”


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