Murphy must intervene to stop Docklands Social Cleansing

30 April 2019

Labour Senator Kevin Humphreys has called on the Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy to intervene before it is too late to halt the social cleansing of the Docklands area in his own constituency.

The loss of another 20 local social homes in three developments as reported today, follows the loss of 19 from Capital Docks.

Sen. Humphreys said:

“The Minister for Housing has stood idly by while parts of his own constituency are socially cleansed of housing for local communities. Once again it has been revealed that three developments in the south Docklands area will provide no social housing units for local families but instead provide units elsewhere in the city.

“In February I uncovered that the Capital Docks development would exclude local families on the housing list. Now it has come to light that Dublin City Council will not secure homes in the Bolands Mill, No 6,or No 8 Hanover Quay developments. The local community is being punished for the success of regeneration that they were told would benefit them.

“These three developments should have provided 20 new local social, publicly owned homes in the area, instead they will be provided elsewhere. The heart is being torn from the community. It follows the loss of 19 units resulting from Capital Docks which were provided elsewhere in Dublin.

“This is unacceptable and I am surprised that Fine Gael would allow this to happen. The area is rapidly being socially cleansed as an enclave for the elite and wealthy. The principles of balanced and sustainable social development have been lost in the area. The local community has always co-operated and supported efforts to redevelop the docks, but now their dividend is being withheld.

“This is a form of social cleansing – denying young families the opportunity to live in their local area and ensuring only extremely high earners can live in the docklands. It is hugely disappointing and is contrary to the sustainable development of the docklands.

“I am calling on the Minister for Housing to intervene now to ensure the Council purchases the units in the area, and ensures that regulations are changed to stop this happening in future.

This will cause huge anger in the community.”

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