Taoiseach should apologise to Waterford pathologists

02 May 2019

Labour Party leader Brendan Howlin has called on the Taoiseach to apologise to the four consultant pathologists for calling into question the truthfulness of their internal letter about conditions at the mortuary in Waterford University Hospital.

Deputy Howlin said:

“I was taken aback by the comment yesterday of the Taoiseach about the letter sent last year by four consultant pathologists in Waterford University Hospital and I think he should apologise. By implying there is a dispute about the ‘true facts’ the Taoiseach has resorted to Trump style tactics to undermine unpalatable revelations that have shocked people.

“The Taoiseach seems to know a lot about what was happening locally, saying the coroner was unaware, that funeral homes were unaware and that there were no incident reports.

“However, why would four senior consultants write a false letter? The comments by the Taoiseach that he wasn’t sure if ‘the claims were true’ and that there was ‘no evidence’ is simply shocking and unacceptable. The implication that the letter contains untruths is a step too far.

“The Taoiseach should apologise to the pathologists, and accept the professional consensus that this facility is not fit for purposes and should have been replaced years ago.

“If there wasn’t a problem with the mortuary the HSE and Minister for Health would not have reacted so quickly to put in place a temporary facility, and commit to construction work starting on a new mortuary before the end of the year.”

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