Transport Police needed to ensure passenger and staff safety

06 May 2019

Labour Transport spokesperson Sen. Kevin Humphreys, commenting on the disturbing report of conditions on the DART in today’s Irish Times says it confirms his long standing call for a dedicated transport police to ensure passenger safety and comfort.

Senator Humphreys said:

“Today’s report in the Irish Times is not the first disturbing account of the intimidation and dangers imposed on members of the public while using our train servcies but it shines a light on what people are having to put up with. No woman travelling on the DART in the middle of the day should have their safety and health threathened with no recourse for help. These reports are deeply disturbing and a permanent solution is now needed.

“The large increase in anti-social behaviour on our trains has now been documented a number of times over the last two years. It’s time Minister Ross took action and sought the established of a full time transport police service. Hiring in temporary security staff is not good enough, there should be a permanent security presence on our trains and stations with real powers of enforcement.

“Hundreds of incidents of anti-social behaviour had been reported in recent years by Iarnród Éireann staff but we know this just covers those that have been officially recorded.

“”The obvious solution is to establish a dedicated public transport police unit, through An Garda Síochána, similar to the British Transport Police. Stop gap solutions won’t work unless there is a permanent security presence to deter the type of dangerous activity that is being reported.

“Unfortunately, Minister Ross has been more concerned with reforming judicial appointments rather than addressing the problems in our transport systems.”

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