Fine Gael consistently failing renters

13 May 2019

Following the publication of today’s report, Deputy Jan O’Sullivan has called on Minister Eoghan Murphy to introduce a rent register and bring in rent controls across Ireland. 

Deputy O’Sullivan said; 

“A generation is being robbed of both the hope of becoming homeowners and the opportunity to get affordable accommodation while saving for a deposit. The walls are closing in on people who are not being served by Fine Gael’s housing policy. The only winners right how are landlords who are capitalising on this government’s inability to end this crisis. 

“If Minster Murphy does not change tack immediately we will continue to see rents rise at speed and more families will enter homelessness. The Minister needs to introduce a rent register and make the entire country a rent pressure zone at a bare minimum.   

“The primary cause of homelessness is high rents. Rents in Dublin are up 6.8%. Rents in Limerick, Cork, Waterford and Galway are up between 10 and 15%. This is a question of fairness. Beyond causing homelessness for thousands, those who are managing to rent are subject to grossly unfair rents.  Fine Gael won’t introduce rent caps, they won’t introduce a rent register; they won’t do anything of consequence to assist renters. 

“The NGO sector has called for change, housing experts have called for change, every opposition party has called for measures to protect renters to be introduced. Fine Gael’s continued refusal to admit they have it wrong has led to the lowest number of homes available to rent in 13 years, the greatest amount of homelessness in the state’s history and people continuing to live in fear of losing their homes.” 

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