Small Businesses deserve an EU Small Business Commissioner

17 May 2019

Sheila Nunan calls on Europe to Think Small First

Labour Ireland South European election candidate, Sheila Nunan, has called for the establishment of a Small Businesses Commissioner in Europe to represent the needs of small and medium enterprises during EU policy-making. Sheila Nunan said, following calls for the reintroduction of a cabinet-level SME Minister in Ireland.  

“SME’s are the beating heart of our communities; they account for 65% of all jobs in the country and deliver 31% of our exports. A recent Seanad report on the SME sector highlighted the challenges that these small businesses are facing, we must ensure that the needs of SME’s are taken into account when decisions are being made in Europe.”

“A dedicated small and medium enterprise commissioner in Europe would ensure that their voices are heard. Policymaking at European level, with their interests to the forefront, will foster this vital sector of the economy and allow for the creation of jobs and growth of small businesses.”

“All roads have led to Dublin for far too long, we need substantive investment in all areas of this constituency, especially rural areas to ensure they are viable locations for people to do business. From Bantry to Berlin small businesses can be a powerful force for development in regions which have been left behind. We all have an obligation to deliver an ecosystem in which they can thrive.”

“SMEs here in Ireland need support in accessing finance, accessing markets, recruiting and retaining staff, managing ever-increasing overhead costs of rent, insurance, and utilities. With Brexit looming, these small business owners face an uncertain future. I’ve met so many inspiring entrepreneurs on the canvass and believe we can do more, at an EU level, to ensure we think small first”

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