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20 May 2019

As critical European elections take place, Nunan outlines choice facing electorate.

Labour’s Ireland South European election candidate, Sheila Nunan, has pledged to tackle ‘rampant inequalities’ and to stand up for the communities who have been left behind and ignored by successive governments. Speaking from a canvass in Co. Wexford today, Ms Nunan said:

“European policy making has been dominated by right-wing national governments for far too long. While they bicker about foreign policy and trade agreements, social policies are falling by the wayside. It’s time for a change. We need to reduce inequalities, strengthen workers’ rights and solve our homelessness crisis once and for all.”
“In an increasingly unpredictable Europe, we need strong Labour values at the centre of EU decision making. A renewed focus on a social Europe is why I’m running. I’ll spend the next five years focusing on the issues which affect those living in Ireland South.”
Ms Nunan has stated that housing and homelessness will be her top priority if elected to the European Parliament. In her role as president of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, she has been a leader of the ‘Raise the Roof’ campaign which arose to challenge the ineffective housing politics of the current Fine Gael and Fianna Fail government. The Labour manifesto favours a single EU market for housing finance, which would help to drive down construction and mortgage costs.
“I firmly believe that it is the duty of the state to provide affordable public housing, and to provide housing to hard working people who deserve their own roof over their heads. EU targeted support can help and it’s time we got our fair share. The right to housing is a human one, which can’t be eroded by market speculation.”  
Ms Nunan has been a strong advocate for workers’ rights and a trade union activist throughout her career. She has served as general secretary of the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation for the past decade. Sheila Nunan has pledged to tackle rampant inequality, delivering for those who lost so much during the recession and still wait for the recovery to mean something to them.

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