For A Better Dublin, In a Fairer Europe Vote 1 Alex White on Friday

22 May 2019

Speaking at the final media event of the election campaign with Labour Party Leader, Brendan Howlin, Alex White said,

“There are two stark visions of the future of Europe before voters of all 28 states this weekend.  One vision is proud of the achievements of the EU and has a belief in its potential to deliver for citizens in the critical decade before us.  

“The other vision is a destructive, negative view peddled by Brexiteers and populists of the far right and the far left.  They portray Europe as an enemy to be fought, an institution to be torn down.  Its ultimate goal is to disrupt and destroy the European Union.    I am glad that this view is rejected by the vast majority of Dubliners.

“I am proud to represent a Party that has a positive, progressive vision of Europe and Ireland.  I am campaigning for a Europe that works in solidarity and collaboration to tackle the critical global issues of our times – such as the climate emergency, the housing crisis and the future of work. 

“These issues require a European response. ‘Ourselves alone’ isn’t an option anymore.

“Our vision of Europe has to focus on the potential of the European Union to achieve progressive change that benefits all citizens.  Solidarity and a shared sense of purpose has been at the heart of the European Union since its foundation, and it is needed now more than ever.

“The critical task for the parliament over the next five years is to ensure that the values of a social Europe drive the agenda.  A Europe of the markets won’t work for citizens.  Indeed, it will only fuel the corrosive populism that is all too apparent.  For Europe to be legitimate and relevant it needs to solve the issues of climate, housing and sustainability that impact so many of its citizens.

“I want to represent Dublin in the European parliament because I believe in positive, progressive change.  I want to play a part in building a better Europe and a better Dublin.  That requires experience, it requires judgement and it requires political values.  I believe I have all three and that is why I am asking for your vote on May 24th.”

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