Murphy should rescind co-living shared apartment planning regulations

22 May 2019

Labour’s Housing Spokesperson, Jan O’Sullivan TD, has called on the Minister for Housing to rescind the apartment guidelines he published that allow for shared accommodation that has been labelled 21st-century tenements. This follows cross-party, and industry, criticism of the plans to build large scale single bed occupancy units with shared cooking facilities.

Deputy O’Sullivan said;

“If the Minister wants to genuinely address his tone-deaf approach to housing he needs to start by withdrawing the planning regulations he introduced that allow for co-living accommodation. These units are being championed by speculators and developers and will result in cramped living conditions and new lows in standards for public housing. These modern tenements are ludicrous and not a solution to the housing crisis.

“I don’t know of anyone who would be excited to live in such a development.

“Higher density living is the future of housing in Ireland, and there will be those who will seek apartments over houses for more long term living, especially in cities. But as we move towards this model of housing we still have to protect living standards. Just because someone is living alone, or in a smaller home, does not mean that they should need to be prepared to accept a one bedroom unit without living space or cooking facilities. 

“We need to solve this crisis by building quality homes in well-serviced communities. That means setting the standard high and meeting it. It is the job of the Minister to set the standard, not lower it at the behest of vested interests.

“Minister Murphy has no ambition for quality public housing. We in Labour recognise what public housing is – a public good and essential part of the solution to our current crisis. That is why we are committed to building 80,000 over five years which could be done for €16 billion if the ambition was there.

“If the Minister is in any way serious about providing real housing options for people he will rescind these rules and get back to basics on housing. ” 

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