For a fairer Ireland where nobody gets left behind

23 May 2019


As she sets off on a marathon canvass of Ireland South from Bray Head to Loop Head, Labour candidate Sheila Nunan said:

“On Friday, voters will decide what kind of Europe they want to have for the next five years, a period during which action on climate change must be taken, housing and homelessness must be addressed and the lot of ordinary working people who have been left behind in recent years must be improved. Those have been the three pillars of my campaign and I am committed to delivering a fairer, more sustainable Ireland for all.”

“Banking, taxation and trade agreements have dominated the agenda in Europe for the past decade, while pan-European issues like housing, poverty, workers’ rights and climate change have been shelved. The clock is ticking on climate action, EU decisions made during the next 10 years will be the most important of our generation. People must ask themselves, who do they want making those decisions? Is it really the same people who have sat watching the climate crisis grow for the past 5 years?” 

“I am proud to be a member of a Party which has a positive, progressive vision of the EU and of Ireland’s place within it. I am campaigning for a Europe that works in solidarity and collaboration, to tackle the critical global issues of our times. The Socialists and Progressives (PES) are the second largest group and Labour’s parent group within the EU, they will push for a European wide solution to these issues.”

“Labour and PES’s vision of Europe focuses on the potential of the European Union to achieve substantive change that will benefit all of its citizens. Working in solidarity with our sister parties across Europe, we will ensure this social agenda is achieved. Housing and homelessness will be my top priority if elected to the European Parliament. In my role as president of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, I been a leader of the ‘Raise the Roof’ campaign which arose to challenge the ineffective housing politics of the current Fine Gael and Fianna Fail government.”

” I want build a better Ireland and Europe for all, regardless of who you are, or what your address is. This is a responsible role, one which requires experience and a proven track record. That’s why I am asking you to give your NO.1 vote on May 24th.”

#SheilaForEurope #EP2019


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