Terms of reference for CervicalCheck rapid review a joke

15 July 2019

Commenting on the terms of reference of they CervicalCheck rapid review, Labour Party Health spokesperson, Alan Kelly TD has branded the terms of reference a joke.

Deputy Kelly said:

“While a review of this situation is very much needed, many aspects of this review that are found lacking real substance. The fact that the role of the Minister’s office hasn’t been included in this is a joke.

“I have seen Sharon’s correspondence with the Minister and it is unacceptable that the role of the Department of Health hasn’t been included in the terms of reference.

“What is worrying is that the HSE are playing such a huge role in this investigation despite appointing an independent chair. The fact that the HSE are servicing this review means that HSE is essentially investigating themselves, this should not be the case.

“This review doesn’t include Sharon or other women who were impacted by the glitch. These women should be front and centre.

“I think the timelines for this review do need to be adjusted to go back to when the HPV tests were ordered.

“If the recommendations of the Scally report are to be taken seriously, then the fact that the patients advocates, Lorraine Walsh and Stephen Teap’s lack of knowledge of the IT glitch must be included in the scope of investigation. Why weren’t these key people told?

“This review should advise whether there is any potential for negative clinical outcomes as a result of this error.

“I have many concerns about this review. I believe the scope and terms of reference needs to be completely rewritten otherwise it is hard to see what purpose it will serve.”

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