Fine Gael pension pledge has zero credibility

12 January 2020

Labour spokesperson on Social Protection Sen. Ged Nash today accused Fine Gael of auction politics on pensions and contrasted the promise with what they did this year in Budget 2020.

Senator Nash said:

“I’m not clear what sort of Fine Gael is running in this election. They should tell us if it’s the party of the give away, or the party that poses about fiscal prudence while wasting billions of euros.

“The pension hike pledge today being trailed by Minister Regina Doherty is deeply cynical.

“This is the first Minister for Social Protection that has failed to increase the state pension since the end of the recession.

“She and the Taoiseach justified doing so on the basis of an event that is not now materialising.

“So while the economy is set to grow by 4% next year, the state pension won’t grow at all.

“That’s the reality of Fine Gael. They can still commit to revisiting the Budget just gone but they have failed to do so.”

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