More investment needed for crime prevention programmes

16 January 2020

Labour candidate for Dublin North-West, Andrew Montague has called for more investment in needed for crime prevention programmes.

Mr Montague said:

“Drug dealing, violent crime, burglary and antisocial behaviour are devastating many communities across Ireland. In most cases a small number of offenders cause most of the problems.

“I established a crime prevention programme in Ballymun working with local Gardaí to identify the most prolific offenders which brings together a range of organisations to use every means possible to reduce the offences committed by these prolific offenders.

“Since Strive started in 2016, we have seen many of these repeat offenders desist completely from crime and take up jobs. Others have reduced the seriousness of their criminal activity, but there are, however, others that continue in criminality. That is where the three justice agencies work together to seek criminal sanctions and prison sentences.

“What is occurring across communities on the Northside is not acceptable. The Labour Party’s proposals on establishing a Mulvey-style commission is exactly what is needed to micro-target crime across North Dublin communities.”


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