Peter Casey’s message of division and hate is not welcome in Dublin West

22 January 2020

Peter Casey’s message of division and hate is not welcome in Dublin West says former Tanaiste and Labour Candidate Joan Burton

Joan said:

“Like any other citizen Peter Casey has every right to put his name on the Dublin West Ballot paper.

“Nonetheless many citizens will be uneasy at his sudden intervention in the constituency.

“Dublin West is one of Ireland’s most diverse and inclusive communities in part because it is the location for so many major international companies.

“Inclusive societies thrive on their openness and diversity and Dublin West Is no exception.

“Local workplaces, schools, social and sporting clubs go to immense efforts to create a caring and friendly environment for families from many nations who have settled here.

“These efforts have borne fruit and it would be a shocking thing if a Dail candidate notorious for creating division should use the occasion of this election to sow seeds of disharmony for purely political purposes.

“If that is his intention then I respectfully suggest that he think twice and turn back his cavalcade on the N3 and leave Dublin West communities to continue with their work in making the area a welcoming place to live, study and find employment.”

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