Labour Public Childcare Scheme to help working parents

24 January 2020

Labour candidate for Dublin Fingal Cllr Duncan Smith has said the Labour Party’s plans for a public childcare scheme would significantly reduce childcare costs for families.

The Labour Party launched its Childcare Scheme for Working Parents today, which will see the State take the lead in the provision of a high-quality, affordable childcare scheme that is currently lacking.

Cllr Smith said:

“Childcare in Dublin is too expensive and often the equivalent of a second mortgage or a month’s rent.

“This lack of affordability is forcing many parents to choose between working full-time and their children, which is simply wrong.

“There is also a severe shortage of creche spaces in places that has become a real source of anxiety for many parents trying to arrange childcare when they go back to work.

“The childcare issue is something that’s coming up again and again for residents in Fingal and it’s very clear that the current childcare model in Ireland is just not working.

“But the Labour Party has a plan to fix this.

 “We would create a Childcare Scheme for Working Parents consisting of a State-led programme of comprehensive care for children, while enabling both parents to work full-time.

“It will include early drop-off times and late collection to reflect modern work practices and commute times, and will be based on best practice education, play and early learning.

“The costs to parents will be moderate, set at the EU average level of childcare costs – and would reduce costs to parents to around third of what they currently are.

“We need to bring Ireland in line with other European countries when it comes to childcare, and provide a high-quality, affordable service that takes the pressure off working families.”


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