Community involvement crucial to combatting climate change

Seán Sherlock TD
28 February 2020

Commenting on the publication of the Terms and Conditions for the first Renewable Electricity Support Scheme auction, Labour TD Seán Sherlock said:

“Communities across the country have a vital role to play in addressing climate change and should be active participants in our bid to create a more energy efficient and sustainable future.

“It’s therefore welcome that this community element has been recognised in the terms and conditions for the first Renewable Electricity Support Scheme auction.

“There are several ways in which communities can play their part to meet local electricity needs and reduce our carbon emissions nationally.

“Labour has called for communities to be given access to the national electricity grid to enable them to generate renewable energy such as wind and solar power through community owned generation schemes.

“Local councils too should be ambitious when it comes to their role in renewable energy uses, with council properties and land a potential source of the generation of wind and solar power, while schools and colleges around the country should be fitted with solar panels.

“Community based energy projects have the potential to transform our energy system and must be at the centre of our national efforts to combat climate change.”

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