Rent Supports need to be put in place immediately

16 March 2020

Chairperson of Dublin City Council Housing SPC, Councillor Alison Gilliland, has called for supports to be put in place for renters in light of Covid-19

Councillor Gilliland said:

“The Government must immediately put in place emergency rent supports for private renting tenants who have lost their jobs due to business closures or whose hours have been reduced due to loss of business/trade.

“Legislation to prevent landlords issuing a notice to quit or evicting tenants during this time is also necessary.

“We cannot afford to allows tenants fall into arrears or lose their tenancies and potentially end up homeless.

“Equally, where necessary, landlords need supports to allow them accommodate any delay in rent being paid.

“We need to keep roofs over people’s heads to ensure they can stay safe and secure and play their part by social distancing and reducing social contacts in these unprecedented times.”

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