Plan needed for reopening childcare sector

Seán Sherlock TD
06 May 2020

Labour spokesperson on Children and Youth Affairs, Seán Sherlock TD, has called for a detailed plan to be put in place for the reopening of crèches and childcare settings for all workers over the coming weeks.

Deputy Sherlock put the issue to the Children’s Minister during statements in the Dáil this evening.

Deputy Sherlock said:

“The lack of a clear roadmap or any detailed plan on the reopening of crèches and childcare facilities is causing huge uncertainty for working parents, and in particular working mothers.

“There is an element to this crisis that hasn’t received the attention that it deserves; that many working mothers are finding themselves doing the lions share when it comes to childcare during this time.

“As progressive as we like to think we are as a society, the demands that have fallen on many working mothers in the absence of a proper childcare structure means that many women are effectively being held back, because they are juggling working full time and looking after their children at the same time.

“This fine balancing act is becoming unsustainable.

“That’s why it is vitally important that we see a clear and detailed plan on reopening the childcare system for all workers as quickly as possible.”

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