Eightfold reduction in Dublin City’s parking receipts substantiate call for insurance refunds

07 July 2020

At last night’s meeting of Dublin City Council, Cllr Joe Costello highlighted the fact that in the monthly period from 25th April to 29th May, the receipts from parking metres in the City had fallen from €3.9million to €.5 million – almost an eightfold decrease.

Cllr Costello said:

“This is a clear indication that private cars had almost ceased entering the city during the period of the lockdown” he said.  “Only those providing essential services were accessing the City.”

He urged the Lord Mayor to write to the Insurance industry quoting the figures as evidence that the vast majority of cars were off the road and not an accident risk.

“While lockdown operated, elderly people were cocooned and couldn’t leave their homes for up to three months.

A quarter of the year was virtually risk-free for our car-insurance industry.  The premium should reflect that or there should be reasonable recoupment for the hard-pressed motorist.”

The Lord Mayor agreed to Cllr Costello’s request to write to the insurance industry.

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