Bacik calls for update on O’Malley report into Sex Offences

Ivana Bacik TD
24 July 2020

As the most recent deadline for the publishing of the review of the investigation and prosecution of sexual offences in Ireland lapses, Labour Seanad leader and spokesperson on Children, Disability, Equality and Integration, Senator Ivana Bacik has called for an update on the progress of the report.

Senator Bacik said:

“The review of the investigation and prosecution of sexual offences in Ireland chaired by Tom O’Malley was commissioned to consider issues such as additional training for Gardaí and the speed at which cases are processed, following the high-profile Belfast rugby rape trial in 2018. A similar report (the Gillen Report) was commissioned by the Northern Ireland Executive and completed in May of last year.

“The report for this jurisdiction was originally due at the end of 2018. On 3rd July this year (2020), an Irish Times article stated that the report would be brought to the Department of Justice within two to three weeks. Today marks the last day within that estimated timeframe; there have been reports about delays due to the large volume of submissions received during the public consultation period. This illustrates the severity and importance of the issues under consideration.

“The Rape Crisis Network Ireland has said that that there has been a twofold increase in contacts to their helpline by survivors seeking counselling and support during the lockdown period. The publication of this report will be of real importance and I am calling on the Department of Justice to provide an update on progress and to clarify when this important report is likely to be published.”

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